Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Things Are :Possible in God

All things are possible in God. You have missed a lot in this lifetime because you didn't have the knowledge to understand what you were missing. Why do you want to continue to hold onto your limitations? Why would you want to sit there and argue with your neighbor about how messed up you are? Every time you say that, it becomes the law, and that becomes your destiny. When are you going to give that up? That silly, prideful, victimizing, degrading statement that denies your greatness? When are you going to make a decision not to be confused? Not to be ill? When are you going to make a decision to be a genius? When are you going to decide not to struggle any more? How many days must you dwindle away and miss an unbelievable reality? How many more days are you doing to postpone your manifestations of health, wealth and happiness? You don't have to miss any more. Just give it all up and let God!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dare You Believe These Powerful Truths?

I am Christ consciousness realized
I am filled with vital energy
I am the mind of God
The Father and I are one
I am wise, all-knowing intelligence
I am awakened
I am enlightened
My consciousness is expanded
I am one with all life
I am joy
I am love
I am the God in all people and things
I am immortal
I do unto others as I would have them do unto me
I am everything a master is
I am complete freedom
I take responsibility for my life
I am impeccable
I am moral
I am fearless
I am precognitive
I can see things others do not
My psychic abilities are fully developed
I know the future and make my choices accordingly
I know the thoughts of others
I leave my body regularly and remember my journey
I slumber in Twilight
I am a lucid dreamer
I remember my dreams
I control my actions in my dreams
I dream other dimensions
I dream past life experiences
I dream future experiences
My God talks to me in the dreamstate
I can fly
I see in full view my radiant body
I see clearly the energy fields of every individual
Every day my joy grows
I live in the Now
I have visions of the golden plane of paradise
I remember my life with Ramtha
I respect myself
I respect others
I experience my conscious self
I travel dimensionally
I live in the Now
I commune with great beings
I remember my past lives
I remember my future
I am fabulous imagination
What I imagine is real
I visualize easily and dimensionally
What I imagine is my primary reality
I am an alchemist
I have the power to create my life the way I want it to be
I can create anything I want
My manifestations come quickly
I effect change, I am prepared for change
I accept change in my life
I release and let go of the past
I master my habits
My passion is awe-inspiring
I am a master of focus
I raise my frequencies at will
My power of concentration is increasing
I can move objects with my mind
I am a healer
God flows through me at all times
I trust my impressions
My body is strong and powerful
I am radiant health and vitality
I am utter abundance
My cup runneth over
I am forgiven and born anew
I surrender to my soul’s journey and destiny


Sunday, June 25, 2006

What you Think

"What you think, matters. Literally."


(What you think turns into matter, material, form, substance, experience)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Doing What You Want

The happiest of entities on this plane are those who do precisely what they want to do. The miserable ones are the ones who try to make everyone else happy and do what they "should" do to appease for the sake of that which is termed notice, love, compassion, and kindness. Live for you. Do what you want to do. As long as yuu live for expectations of others, you will never be happy, and you will never lead, and you will never accomplish, nor will you be remembered.

Happiness is the ability to be free of insecurities and worry and fear, to allow the self to create happily up here, in thought, so that it unfolds out there. And if happiness is having a wafer for your dinner and cold water for your wine and the whole of he world for your home, so that you are not enslaved or entrapped to the environments of dogma and social pressures, so be it.

You are rich if you are happy in your soul, for gold cannot buy happiness. To perceive your treasure, look within to the love and beauty that is the unseen essence that you are.

Thus you must ascertain what it is about your being that you love and like. And what makes you unhappy and what you dislike--you can master the change as it occurs in a moment. Of the realities that you have surrounded yourself with, that you look at every day in your time and the relation unto your soul makes you feel unhappy, get rid of them!

The Greatest Prayer

The greatest prayer you could ever say would be to laugh every day. For when you do, it elevates the vibratory frequency within your being such that you could heal your entire body.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ramtha Quotes

Ramtha, a 35,000 old spiritual being, speaks to the 21st century, paradoxically enough, through a woman, JZ Knight, offering his guidance for our spiritual progress. Consider some of his words of wisdom in this blog